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With bookletmaking a staple part of many print businesses, Rob Fletcher looks at some of the latest technologies and how they can help users gain an advantage over competitors

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Success story

While the print market has seen a tremendous amount of diversification in recent years as companies go in search of new revenue streams, certain services remain a major part of many print-service-providers (PSPs).

One such area is bookletmakers, with demand for booklets and similar materials high across the market. However, with competition for this work also still rife, PSPs are having to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

One way of doing just this is ensuring you are running the best kit to deliver quality work to customers at a quick turnaround rate. Here, we find out about the latest solutions available in the bookletmaking market.

Quality equipment
Morgana is one manufacturer that values the growth opportunities available in the bookletmaking market. Ray Hillhouse, vice president of sales and marketing for the offline business unit at Morgana’s parent company Plockmatic Group, says that selecting the right technology for your business and workload is critical when seeking to create a decent profit.