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Print is being ordered in smaller, more personalised, more tailored amounts. Jo Golding speaks to Janice Pretot, director of Eazyprint.co.uk, about the changing nature of the print industry

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Eazyprint.co.uk now has thirteen members of staff working in-house

Moving towards targeted print

If you saw exactly what a ‘sleeking machine’ can do at the recent Print Show, then you will have already seen the wide-array of skills and products that Eazyprint.co.uk has at its disposal. Indeed, Daniel Pretot, the company director’s son, was on hand demonstrating this single-machine speciality laminating technique on GMP’s stand—as Eazyprint.co.uk are one of the first companies in the UK to get hold of the technology.

Sleeking essentially gives you the ability to apply gloss, holographic impressions, silver film, and gold film overlays to digitally printed imagery. Importantly, the method is very low-cost and reportedly eliminates the need to have a UV coating to create special effects. The move into this sector is indicative of Eazyprint.co.uk’s general approach and demonstrates the company’s ongoing interest in adopting the latest technology.

Swim against the tide

Eazyprint.co.uk started up in 2010, a time that director Janice Pretot says was ‘initially difficult’ because of financial problems at the banks. She continues: “It was the start of the recession in the UK, so not a good time, but we worked our way through it and succeeded all down to hard work and remaining focused on what clients want; that is what this business is about.”

Pretot’s background is an interesting one; from printing onto the surface of floppy discs and CDs, to sourcing packaging for software developers and working with major games companies such as Electronic Arts, to selling 300MB storage packs. Things progressed from there, and seeing the opportunities to be had in the strongly emerging field of on-demand digital printing, it lead to her setting up her own Corby-based business in 2010.

Eazyprint.co.uk offers a myriad of print services such as banners, flags, posters, brochures, flyers, exhibition stands, and displays. Pretot explains: “Everything we do here is digital print. We have four digital printers from Konica Minolta; two bizhub 1060’s, a 5501, and a 6000. We have also got three wide-format machines including a HP 3200.”

The company has a range of digital print equipment from the likes of Konica Minolta and HP

Eazyprint.co.uk’s extensive equipment reportedly gives them more flexibility to say ‘yes’ to customers as they can print on an array of substrates and even speciality media.

Eazyprint.co.uk carry out a range of print services from banners and exhibition stands to brochures and flyers text

The company has invested in not only digital print equipment but also print finishing equipment, giving them the ability to offer perfect bound books, hardbacks, paperbacks, all types of laminates, saddle stitching, perforating, and spiral binding.

Eazyprint.co.uk also has large-for-mat printing capabilities, which Pretot says maintains the co-ordination of colour: “Let’s say the customer was going to an exhibition, and they want the exhibition stand and any marketing literature the same colour. Quite often what does happen is that they’ll order their exhibition stand and large-format graphics from one printer, then they’ll go to another printer for their small-format and marketing materials. This means the colours are not matched and they lose that colour corporate identity; that does not happen with us as we do it all in-house and can maintain colour consistency all the way through.”

We are controlling everything from start to finish so we are not relying on any third party, we do it all in-house

Producing and finishing print in-house is something Eazyprint.co.uk are particularly passionate about, as Pretot emphasises: “In the main we are controlling everything from start to finish, so we are not relying on any third party, we do it all in-house. There are times though when we have outsourced if the client has requested litho print, but a good 98 percent of what we produce is manufactured and finished in-house.”

Right atmosphere

What makes Eazyprint.co.uk unique is that it is built upon the idea of working in a happy environment, as Pretot explains: “I think we are so lucky. The management team is myself, my sons Sacha and Daniel, as well as Jordan Rzymski—who has been with us from day one after stepping out of university as a very talented graphic designer.

“We have all worked really hard and the team has built up along the way. There are 13 of us now. The people who have joined us along the way have stuck with us so we don’t have a huge turnover of staff. We try to make it a happy environment to work in. We have our nights out and let our competitive streak out through activities like bowling. I think that’s essential to people’s working life, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and thinking ‘oh god, work’.”

“We are controlling everything from start to finish so we are not relying on any third party, we do it all i

The company also came up with the idea of allowing each member of staff special privileges for one week in a month where, for example, they are able to choose the lunch for the day, cook for the team, or choose the music to be played—something that Pretot says keeps the atmosphere upbeat.

Commercial printing may have experienced decline for some time, but it is now a stabilised market with pockets of real growth. And it is in this improved state because of companies such as Eazyprint.co.uk, which are taking full advantage of the current market by asking themselves ‘what people are buying?’ and selling it to them.

Pretot explains: “I think the views, even within major corporates, of buying masses of print and hoping that volume is going to create the response that you’re looking for does not always work. The whole marketing angle has changed now from throwing it out there and seeing if it sticks—it doesn’t seem like that anymore.”

For the best results in marketing, Pretot believes it should be focused, tailored, and targeted. She continues: “The volumes that people buy now are smaller and it is going down the road of targeted marketing. Campaigns are done in much smaller, condensed amounts and market sectors are targeted in that way. There is a much greater level of return on marketing investment.”

Alongside its happy working environment, wide range of services, and in-house capabilities, it is the effort that the team put into their work that really makes them stand out. Pretot tells a story of a regular occurrence at the company where they receive a call from a desperate new customer who was expecting a delivery that has not come from their normal supplier—the worst case scenario in any print order.

She concludes: “Nine times out of ten we get calls like this at Eazyprint.co.uk and they remain our customer for the long-term. This is because, compared to their previous experience, they are always surprised at the high quality that we turn around so quickly. We really do pride ourselves on everything that goes out of the door here.”

We really do pride ourselves on everything that goes out of the door here

So, it would seem that this firm is easy by name and by nature, and it is this fact that seems to spell out why they have prospered over the last few years. Essentially, they do not give out bold marketing claims that fall apart at the first time of asking, rather they provide the exact service they claim to, and do that day after day.

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