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Public prefer environmentally conscious packaging

Last week, it was discussed by MPs whether a surcharge of 25p should be charged for using a paper coffee cup, and how this would affect the coffee industry. Some were all for the charge, as it would and stop cups from going to landfill, however, others believed that it would damage coffee shop chains. The results from Two Sides’ survey on paper and cardboard packaging

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Coffee Cups sparked a debate that was featured on BBC News, when the idea of a charge on coffee cups was discussed by MPs to reduce the number of cups used over reusable ones

The coffee cup debate is not a new one, and is something that has been touched on by Print Monthly previously, as well as the mainstream media. The issue is that coffee cups are made from paper and cardboard, but are then lined with polyethylene (PE) coating to create a barrier between the packaging and the cup.

It is widely believed that coffee cups can be recycled, but this is not the case. In order for coffee cups to be recycled, the plastic needs to be separated from the cardboard. There are only two plants in the country that offer this service—not enough to recycle the number of cups that Britain uses.

Not only does paper and cardboard packaging have an exceptionally high utilisation rate of recycled fibres, it is also the most recycled packaging material in Europe at 83 percent

In light of the news stories, Two Sides UK has held a snap survey of 500 people across the UK, to find out the view the public hold of cardboard and paper packaging in general. The nationally-representative survey told the story of people preferring more environmentally-friendly packaging to be the way forward.

Results show that 78 percent of respondents like paper and cardboard packaging because it is biodegradable. Following this, 73 percent believed that paper and cardboard made good use of recycled materials, and 64 percent preferred paper and cardboard packaging because it is made from renewable wood fibre.

Martyn Eustace, managing director of Two Sides, comments: “In the current packaging climate, it is great to see paper and cardboard packaging recognised by consumers for its excellent environment attributes.

The results from the Two Sides survey on paper and cardboard packaging, which produced results heavily in environmentally-friendly packaging's favour  

“Not only does paper and cardboard packaging have an exceptionally high utilisation rate of recycled fibres, it is also the most recycled packaging material in Europe at 83 percent.

“Consumers can also be confident knowing that European forests, which provide much of the virgin fibre used for making paper and cardboard packaging, have grown by an area the size of Switzerland in just ten years—that’s equivalent to over 1,500 football pitches every day.”

It seems that packaging is an overall concern for members of the public, with 71 percent believing that packaging is bad for the environment, and 85 percent feel that packaging is a problem in terms of litter on the street.

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