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Read: list of print firms that have gone bust

If the news earlier this year that Carillion had gone bust along with retail stores Maplins and Toys R Us was not bad enough, the rippling effect of the pre-Brexit’s troubled times has been compounded by some of the most famous names in the printing industry hitting the buffers.

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Ian Carrott: firms go pop when debt is too high

Henry Stone followed the demise of Stone Ashford (the inherited buy-out of Headley Brothers) along with Ultrachem, Victoria Litho, Bournemouth Colour Press, Henna Press, and Portland Printers to name but a few. Add to that more retail chains than you can throw a cash till at such as New Look, House of Fraiser, and Mothercare are all looking to close stores, and restaurant chains like Jamie Oliver’s Italian and Prezzo are also in trouble and it adds up to a growing crisis.

In troubled times there is one essential rule of thumb says ICSM’s Ian Carrott. He comments: “All of the firms we hear about who get into trouble allow debt to build up and then late payment to become the norm. Successful firms keep a tight rein on credit, have manageable debt in the way of loans or overdrafts, and most importantly don’t trade with perennial late payers.”

All of the firms we hear about who get into trouble allow debt to build up and then late payment to become the norm

He says members of ICSM who are in the print, sign-making, and haulage industries get to trade with just about every sector of British industry and so are a barometer of the economic health of the nation. Most of the famous names in press manufacturing are members as well as the trade organisations and hundreds of printing companies.

The reason is simple: news of companies in trouble are conveyed to members who can then make a judgement. ICSM hosts the information and allows members to decide for themselves what course of action is needed when they hear potentially bad news. This year alone members have steered clear of companies struggling to pay their invoices and have saved themselves the agonies of a bad debt.

Runners and riders
Below is a collated list taken from the Government’s London Gazette of businesses in the industry who are experiencing problems in the last few weeks.

Administrators appointed
Colour Visual Limited  10.04.2018
European Packaging Distributors Limited  17.04.2018
Great Northern Envelope Company Limited  16.02.2018
Henry Stone Limited  23.03.2018
Marketing Agencies Association Limited  04.04.2018
Pro Publishing Media & Events Limited  16.04.2018
Startrack Media Limited  16.04.2018
Ultrachem Limited  24.04.2018
Victoria Litho Limited  16.02.2018

Members voluntary liquidations
Anglo American Nickel Marketing Limited  2018-03-28
Anglo Ferrous Metals Marketing Limited  2018-03-28
Ascent Media Holdings Limited  02.02.2018
Ascent Media Limited  02.02.2018
Clarity Design (UK) Limited  04.03.2018
Endeavour Press Limited  08.02.2018
Envelopemaster Limited  27.03.2018
Framed Visualisation Studio Limited  11.04.2018
Graphic Resolutions Limited  20.04.2018
Health Publishing 2015 Limited  20.04.2018
Hunting Raven Books Limited  19.02.2018
Ipm Marketing and Services Limited  19.02.2018
Imperial Design Consulting Limited  04.03.2018
Kestrel Media Limited  20.02.2018
KVl Marketing Limited  08.02.2018
Optricks Media Limited  27.04.2018
Magenta Labelling Limited  04.04.2018
Market Reality Limited  20.04.2018
Marubeni Paper & Paperboard Investment Limited  04.04.2018
Marketing Insights Limited  26.03.2018
Network Marketing & PR Limited  16.04.2018
Printech International Limited  16.04.2018
Screentone (Leeds) Limited  29.03.2018
Studio Film and Video Holdings Limited  02.02.2018
Subsea Innovations & Design Limited  02.02.2018
The Meaningful Marketing Group Limited  04.04.2018
TRK Marketing Agency Limited  05.04.2018
TRK Marketing Agency Limited  05.04.2018
Wembley Photofinishers Limited  08.02.2018

Creditors voluntary liquidators appointed
Junkcraft Books Limited  14.02.2018
Lighthouse Design and Print Limited  2018-03-28
Media Rental Services Limited  14.02.2018
Packer Magazine Limited  14.02.2018
Quest WH Design Limited  14.02.2018
Quest WH Marketing Limited  14.02.2018
Storage Print Limited  14.02.2018

Creditors voluntary liquidation meetings S 98
Blast Advertising Limited  12.02.2018
Color-Chem UK Limited  29.03.2018
Eurodata Print Limited  16.02.2018
Impact Digital Press Limited  06.04.2018
Moondog Books Limited  31.01.2018
MPS Media (South) Limited  12.04.2018

Liquidator’s appointed
Aaron Printing and Mailing Solutions Limited  12.02.2018
Absolute Abode Design Limited  19.04.2018
Absolute Media Limited  22.02.2018
AM PM Design & Print Limited  12.04.2018
Arrow Digital Agency Limited  19.02.2018
Aspects Design & Marketing Limited  13.02.2018
Bellstar Marketing Limited  26.02.2018
Blick Media Limited  24.04.2018
Blast Advertising Limited  27.02.2018
Bournemouth Colour Press Limited   26.03.2018
Cambridge Publishing Management Limited  13.02.2018
CTW Media Limited  16.03.2018
Dickenson Tingdene Limited t/a Portland Print   04.03.2018
Fabric Design & Integration Limited  17.04.2018
Flo-Print Colour Limited  04.03.2018
Good Things Media & Publishing Limited  29.03.2018
Grapevine Marketing Agency Limited  13.04.2018
Graphic Station Limited  16.02.2018
Graphic Technology (UK) Limited  18.04.2018
Head First Communications Limited  19.02.2018
The Henna Press Limited  21.02.2018
Horizon Printing Inks Limited  24.04.2018
Journal Group Production Company Limited  27.02.2018
Impact Digital Press Limited  24.04.2018
Kingfisher Inks Limited  2018-03-28
Lee Creative Marketing Limited  20.03.2018
LHM Media Limited  22.02.2018
Manumetal Media Limited  07.02.2018
Mediaflo Communications Limited  04.03.2018
Media Five Limited  13.02.2018
MCV Media UK Limited  16.03.2018
Micrographics Colour Imaging Limited  26.04.2018
Mild Marketing and Distribution Limited   29.03.2018
MPS Media (South) Limited  20.04.2018
Norton & Company Marketing Communications Limited  22.02.2018
Owen Newman (Publications) Limited  04.03.2018
Place 2 Design & Build Limited  19.02.2018
Rare Breed Marketing Limited  19.02.2018
Reprotech Studios Limited  27.03.2018
Sebright Printers Limited  19.04.2018
Silver Rose Marketing Limited  23.04.2018
Splendid Marketing Limited  07.02.2018
Sovereign Labelling Systems Limited  20.03.2018
STG Press Limited  09.04.2018
Storage Graphics Limited  07.02.2018
Storage Ink limited  07.02.2018
TA Marketing (Harrogate) Limited  19.03.2018
Think Office Supplies Limited  26.02.2018
TU Ink Limited  01.02.2018
Wheelden Print Limited  30.04.2018

Petitions to wind up
Butterworth Marketing Services Limited  12.04.2018
Inter Press Corporation Limited  05.04.2018
John Barnes Media Limited   19.04.2018
Lad Media Limited  06.04.2018
London Print Finishers Limited  19.02.2018
Pro Publishing Media & Events Limited  12.04.2018
Trash Design Limited   19.04.2018
Reverbzmedia Limited  16.03.2
Weli Media Limited  01.02.2018
Wingate Signs & Graphics Limited  27.03.2018

Compulsory liquidators appointed s 136
Extra Internet Marketing Limited  07.02.2018

Winding up orders
Catalyst Graphics Management  21.03.2018
Experience Design & Management Limited  01.02.2018
Extra Internet Marketing Limited  01.02.2018
Perception Media Products & Services Limited  02.02.2018
SB Design Systems Limited  01.02.2018
Wingate Signs & Graphics Limited  18.04.2018

Petitions dismissed
Finlayson Media Communications Limited  08.02.2018

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