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Elephant posts mammoth turnover jump

Digital print firm Elephant Print and Display has reported a growth in turnover as well as growth for its finishing solutions portfolio after a brand new Matrix 370P laminator from Vivid Laminating Technologies was installed at the firm’s East Sussex site in December.

The new machine replaced a non-pneumatic version, which has been operational for the previous three years, but now the firm claims it can enjoy speed increases of up to 40 percent, as well as extra pressure generated by the compressor ensuring a strong bond between the material and the film.

Managing director of Elephant Jason Gadd comments: “The requirement for laminating has increased year on year, and is still a popular finish on a lot of our work.

“The increase in speed was a factor with this purchase, but ultimately we are interested in achieving the best possible finish, the foiling option is also a bonus. We have used Vivid for a number of years and their products and service has always been excellent.”

We have used Vivid for a number of years and their products and service has always been excellent

The Matrix Pneumatic was reportedly specified by Elephant as in addition to its productivity benefits it offers features such anti-curl technology and a semi-automatic feed as well as an automatic separator. Vivid states its pneumatic pressure rollers also allow printers to laminate certain substrates up to 50 percent quicker.

The new addition to Elephant’s production portfolio joins a range of finishing equipment already installed at the site, as well as two digital production presses along with two large-format printers.

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