Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019 14:45 GMT

AR brings print back to life

With the rise of digital technology continuing, augmented reality (AR) is being trialled as a way to “breathe new life into print” and save it from further decline.

One company which sees potential in AR to draw in younger audiences and bring users back from solely online content, is Warrington-based Media and Digital (MaD).

Its digital design experts are transforming traditional printed brochures, leaflets, adverts and business cards by loading the printed products with digital content.

With AR technology enabling creators to overlay digital content on top of everyday objects to be accessed via smartphones, the products can be brought to life.

“The decline of print and printed products has become an accepted by-product of the rise of the internet, with all of use accessing content digitally and instantaneously in the palm of our hand,” explains Stuart Atherton, managing director of MaD.

Clients still love the impact of being able to give a customer a physical product

He continues: “However, by layering print with digital content we think we can reverse that decline. AR overcomes all the limitations of print and we’re finding that it’s re-engaging previous and existing audiences with the tactile medium of print.”

Due to the ability to track and measure all interactions with the AR content, brands can gain insight into user engagement which can then be used to strengthen and personalise marketing campaigns.

“Clients still love the impact of being able to give a customer a physical product. We can now give them leaflets, brochures, business cards, postcards or mouse mats, loaded with digital content.

“This content can then be changed easily without having to re-print and in fact the content updates provide clients with a nice reason to get in touch with their customer base,” adds Atherton.

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