Thursday, 03 Oct 2019 12:50 GMT

Epson catches the eye of customers

A mural made entirely out of labels was created using Epson’s newly launched on-demand and industrial label inkjet printers.

Muralist Sarah Hodgkins brought the work of art to life using hundreds of labels printed using Epson’s SurePress industrial label press and its newest range of ColorWorks on-demand inkjet printers.

Hodgkins, of Charlotte’s Designs, describes the large image of an eye as “a fusion of art and technology”. Unveiled at Labelexpo 2019, Hodgkins adds that the mural provided a “compelling focal point for the [Epson] stand”.

Describing the inspiration for the eye design, Hodgkins continues: “I thought an eye image was a nice play on Epson’s tagline ‘Exceed Your Vision’. By adopting a mosaic format, I was able to showcase the different finishes, colours and textures that Epson printers can achieve.”

Labels are so crucial to so many industries, but their importance is often overlooked

For the skin around the eye, Hodgkins used a matte finish, and for the eye itself she opted for a reflective finish. Using Epson printers allowed Hodgkins to use a subtle colour gradient which from a distance gives the piece the look of a painting.

Jacob Kallergis, product manager for Epson Europe’s on-demand ColorWorks printer range, adds: “We wanted to create something for Labelexpo that celebrated the label in all its many shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Businesses that print clear, attractive and even beautiful labels will raise their brand above the competition.

“Labels are so crucial to so many industries, but their importance is often overlooked. For pharmaceuticals, labels are vital from a commercial as well as a health and safety perspective. For the food and drink industry, labels need to capture the imagination of shoppers as well as containing vital ingredient details. In logistics, labels carry essential locational information to ensure easy identification and efficient delivery of product.”

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