Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020 12:52 GMT

RA Smart supports educational print drive

RA Smart, the exclusive UK reseller of the HP Stitch dye sublimation printer series, recently joined forces with the Thames Festival Trust on an innovative project that saw secondary school children partner with schools around the world to produce printed flags.

UK school children worked with schools in countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco, Tanzania, Lebanon and India, learning about their rivers and local environment.

Based on themes - including River of Life, Working River and Polluted River - the students created artworks, which were then combined into a single piece by artist Shona Watt.

Inspired by previous work using flags as her medium, Watt commissioned RA Smart to print six flags using the HP Stitch S1000 digital textile printer, after which the flags were installed next to the Thames in London.

“Seeing their work on display was a big deal for the students, many of whom had never seen the Thames in central London before,” Watt says.

“The Rivers of the World programme is very different to how art is taught on the curriculum so getting kids interested in art this way is really positive.

“Digital printing creates such brilliant detail. I’d never seen that before we saw the samples from RA Smart. The colours are incredible.”

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