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Glossop Cartons

Genevieve Lewis speaks to Wayne Fitzpatrick, the new managing director of Glossop Cartons on the company’s growth and development the recent management buy-out

Four decades of family-fuelled growth

Glossop Cartons has recently gone through a major change with a management buy-out, but it still maintains that air of a family success story.

Former sales director Wayne Fitzpatrick bought out the company in February of this year, while the previous joint managing directors Jacky Sidebottom-Every and Brian Sidebottom continue as consultants. The carton board packaging manufacturer works in a myriad of markets including pharmaceutical and beauty, food and drink, personal healthcare, automotive and household.

Wayne Fitzpatrick is now the managing director after a management buy-out

The company was originally founded in 1982 in Glossop in Derbyshire by Raymond Every, his daughters Jill and Jacky, and son-in-law Brian. Every passed away in 1984 and Jacky and Brian carried on with the Glossop Cartons legacy, taking it to where it is now. Every’s other daughter Vicky also joined the fold and when retirement came calling for Jacky and Brian, Fitzpatrick stepped up to the plate in a management buy-out. The management team now comprises of David Bartlett as head of operations, head of supply chain and business improvement Simon Boden, Clare Beswick as head of HR and Matthew Clarke as head of sales.

Organic growth

Over the last (almost) four decades, Glossop Cartons grew and grew, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. In 2010, the company practically doubled in size when it acquired Clowes Printers in Macclesfield. This was then expanded by 40% in 2015, when Glossop purchased the assets of Contact Print and Packaging. It also resulted in a change of address, as Glossop relocated to Contact’s premises in Stockport. Around this time, it also purchased BRC and pharmaceutical accreditations to diversify into new markets.

Glossop Cartons operates in markets such as pharmaceutical and beauty

Then, in 2019, Glossop Cartons purchased the building next door in order to have access to 50% more operational and warehouse space – meaning that Glossop now had 6443sq m of space to play with. The additional space resulted in more storage and new machinery, such as a second  Brausse Forza 900 C3 folder gluer, to improve production and the extra stock allowed Glossop to respond to requests faster and promote shorter lead times – occasionally resulting in a manufactured and delivered product within 48 hours.

Put all of these moves together and Glossop Cartons achieved a turnover growth of 32% while increasing its manufacturing output from 109 million cartons in 2020 to a predicted 124 million cartons in 2021.

But while the development of Glossop Cartons seems to have gone very smoothly, like many other businesses, the company has had a tough time during the pandemic. Fitzpatrick comments: “The last year has been challenging for Glossop Cartons – as it has been for everyone in all industries – so achieving growth in turnover of more than 30%, despite the challenges of Covid-19, is a terrific accomplishment.”

Achieving growth in turnover of more than 30%, despite the challenges of Covid-19, is a terrific accomplishment

He continues to explain that “whilst there was a decline in value-added packaging because of shop closures” there was a “sharp rise in demand for consumable packaging”. This was also in part because of people having to stay at home and those in the food industry needed additional packaging for takeaways. Not only this, but Glossop Cartons also helped customers in the pharmaceutical and hygiene sectors, which were obviously dealing with the trials and tribulations of a global pandemic.

For the future

Part of Glossop’s ethos is to promote young people within the print and packaging industry, which involves working with local schools in the area. This includes providing “work experience, placements, mock interviews and career talks,” explains Fitzpatrick. While the scheme was put on hold as schools were closed during the pandemic, as soon as some sort of normality resumes, Glossop hopes to continue this support.

Not only is the future of students important to Glossop, but also the environment. “As a company working predominantly with carton board materials, Glossop Cartons is aware of the need to operate with environmental sustainability,” says Fitzpatrick. “It uses Forest Stewardship Council certified materials from well-managed forests as well as recycled materials. Its products are recyclable and biodegradable.”

As a company working predominantly with carton board materials, Glossop Cartons is aware of the need to operate with environmental sustainability

He continues: “The company continually explores the potential of newly developed materials for clients’ packaging requirements and waste is minimised throughout all product processes by using ongoing business improvement strategies. The business recycles more than 95% of its wate and it is working towards a zero-landfill target by the end of this year.”

Glossop Cartons will hit its 40th anniversary next year in 2022 and will continue to strive for growth, while supporting the future of those in the industry as well as dedicating itself to its environmental impact.

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