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Attracting Business With Social Networking

Nick Devine, founder of The Print Coach, shares his ideas on how to use one of the largest social networking websites to attract business

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Linkedin currently has an estimated 546 million users

How to use Linkedin to attract your ideal client

Linkedin is the largest B2B networking website on the planet. It currently has an estimated 546 million users. People join Facebook and Instagram for personal /social reasons. People join Linkedin because they want to do business.
Unfortunately, the majority of users treat their Linkedin profile the same way they treat their personal social media profiles. Or, their profile will read like a CV.

Linkedin currently has an estimated 546 million users

If you want to do business on Linkedin, your profile needs to resonate with your ideal client. Think about your Linkedin profile the same way you would think about your company brochure/corporate website. The three most important aspects of your profile to get right are your photograph, your headline, and your summary.

1: Your photograph

Linkedin profiles with professional head shots get 14 times more profile views.

Central to your Linkedin brand is your profile photo. This is the first thing people will see when they look you up, so taking the time to get it right is well worth the effort.

A good photo can make a great first impression. Consider these points:

  • Facing the camera full on
  • You are smiling and look approachable 
  • Taken from the shoulder up
  • Dress is business or business casual
  • Taken by a professional

In your photograph on Linkedin you should be dressed smartly, smile, and face the camera full on for the best results

2: Your headline

Your headline should broadcast to your ideal client the following:

• What you do

• Who you do it for

• How they will benefit

Here is the current version of my headline:

Founder, The Print Coach: We Help Print and Packaging Companies Win New High Margin Accounts... GUARANTEED RESULTS

3: Your summary

This is the structure I use to create a Linkedin summary:

• What I do: Focus on the results you achieve for your ideal client.

• Why I do it: Explain why you do what you do.

• Who I work with: Insert a bulleted list of your ideal client, job title, profession etc.

• What makes me different: Explain what makes you unique, different, better than other competitors in your space. Your experience? Certifications? Background story? Previous business experience?

• What others say: Include one testimonial that is consistent with your ideal client profile. Ensure it is also consistent with your value proposition.

• Ready to talk? (call to action): You can contact me directly here on Linkedin, e-mail me at (e-mail address here), visit company website here (URL), or contact me directly on (phone number).

• Certifications/accreditations/professional highlights/specialties: Use this section to insert every certification and accreditation that you have to your name. Also, include any professional highlights that are relevant.

• When I am not working: Include a bit about your family, your background, and your hobbies here.

My own example

What I do: I help B2B companies to find, win, keep, and grow ideal clients at premium pricing. I also work with management teams to help them execute on their business goals faster so that they produce superior financial results.

Why I do it: I was reared on a farm in the south of Ireland and my parents were business people. If we did not sell our products at the right time and at the right price, we struggled financially.

I learned early on what it is like to create a great product that you believe in, but you are unable to find a willing buyer.
After I left home at the age of 16, I travelled to the UK, the Channel Islands, and then on to Australia. I held a number of sales jobs during those years, and I failed at all of them.

Eventually, I found a mentor who helped me to rise to the top of our national sales force at Pitney Bowes. That convinced me of the power of coaching. I have been on a mission since the mid-1980s to coach and mentor business professionals so that they get more results, faster.

Who I work with: I work with senior management teams, business owners, sales directors, new business sales people, and account managers.

What makes me different: I have developed a number of proven, simple, step-by-step systems that I financially guarantee will produce predictable results.

The three most important aspects of your profile to get right are your photograph, your headline, and your summary

What others say: “We recently won two £500k accounts at a very good margin using Nick’s systems. In addition to the sales improvement, our gross margins are up by almost 25 percent, a significant portion of which is flowing directly to our bottom line.”  Anthony Bagshaw, managing director, Gecko Direct.

Free training: Get free business growth tips and advice from our business growth blog and webinars at

When I am not working: I am married with two children still living at home and going to school. I love all things Australian, snooker, personal development, Irish coffee, triathlons, Jack Reacher, and sunshine.

What to do next

If you would like some personalised help you can request a free ‘Linkedin Strategy Session’ with me. I’m offering a number of free sessions to qualifying companies. You must apply within 28 days of the magazine publishing date. After the strategy session you will know how to use Linkedin as a business development tool, so you can find and win more new ideal clients. To learn more, send an email to Nick@theprintcoach.com and put the words ‘Linkedin Strategy Session’ in the subject line.

Nick Devine is the founder of www.theprintcoach.com, helping print, packaging, and wide-format companies create predictable sales and profit growth.


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