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Customer service, user experience, and transparency are all important elements of a strong website for print. We take a look at some of the successful players in this market and find out what works for them

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in e-commerce and online shopping demonstrated the role a good online storefront can have. It’s convenient, fast, and easy to purchase print online, with a number of established companies offering online printing services today.

According to Big Commerce, 67% of consumers say they shop differently now due to Covid-19. Interestingly, customer loyalty to favourite brands has fallen with 80% of consumers reporting buying a different brand than usual in mid-2021 (eMarketer).

O Factoid: 67% of consumers say they shop differently now due to Covid-19 O

These figures show the need for a strong and engaging website and online storefront more than ever, as it is no longer a case of consumers shopping with one brand and sticking to it. They will opt for whatever is easiest to use, the best price, and the best experience.

Often when purchasing print, there are very specific needs, quick turnarounds, and the consumer or print buyer needs to be able to visualise the product they are going to end up with.

To enable businesses to demonstrate the print they can provide as well as enable consumers to personalise and design their own printed products, there is a whole host of web-to-print software on the market from the likes of Flex4 with its online print solution (OPS) web-to-print offering, and ePS with its intuitive print software which is designed to make selling print online easy.

In this feature, we will focus on the companies operating through a solid and successful online presence to learn what works for them, and explore the importance of having a strong online storefront when promoting and growing your print business.

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Described as an “upload and print” business, Tradeprint’s biggest sales channel is online. According to Anthony Rowell, sales and customer success director and sustainability lead for the company, Tradeprint differentiates itself by offering a personal touch through phone lines, live chats, or Zoom, with the team also heading out and visiting customers in person too.