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DS Smith highlights surprising Easter statistics

Research and development from DS Smith has emphasised the need for recyclable packaging

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DS Smith has previously reported that two in five paper and board packs will end up in landfill or incineration due to declining recycling rates

DS Smith has highlighted research which shows that two-thirds (69%) of Brits believe Easter eggs use too much packaging. The data aligns with the release of DS Smith’s new packaging solution, a sustainable fibre-based packaging specifically made for confectionary products.

DS Smith’s solution has been developed and incorporated into a product made in partnership with Filir d.o.o. a distributor of some of the world’s most renowned confectionary products. 

The product has been made to use less materials and minimise waste while also having the option to be reused as a gift bag after its intended use. 

Filir d.o.o. worked with DS Smith to create a unique unboxing experience where the product inside is revealed as a surprise. 

Jasmina Cukovic, cluster innovation specialist at DS Smith Packaging, Croatia, says: "We have been delighted to participate in this plastic replacement project and the primary challenge was to develop a creative packaging solution to maintain and build on the functionality of this popular Easter gift, while maintaining an arresting and recognisable shelf presence for the supermarkets and vendors. 

“It was also vital to ensure the fun-based reuse options and repurposing opportunities for customers after purchase. We applied our DS Smith Circular Design Principles and approach to eliminate even the smallest amounts of plastic in the packaging and apply rigorous testing of its sustainable strengths and weaknesses.”

In DS Smith’s research nearly half (47%) of confectionary-consumers are planning to buy three or more chocolate eggs with their top priorities being- value for money, taste, and volume of chocolate.

20% of respondents say they want fully recycling packaging with 79% already recycling at least one part of the box.

However, DS Smith has continued to highlight the current confusion and inconsistencies in recycling strategies across the UK as aluminium foil is not collected by one in five councils (according to research by LARAC).

22% of those asked said they simply forget to recycle packaging while 41% say they do not fully recycle the products due to a lack of options in their local area.

Samantha Upham, seasonal sustainability expert at DS Smith, says: “The hardest thing to digest this Easter shouldn’t be the recycling rules. Brits should feel free to enjoy a guilt-free Easter egg and be able to feel confident that the packaging they dispose of really does get recycled back into new products.. Confectionery companies have come a long way to remove unnecessary packaging and make the remaining wrapping recyclable. Now we just have to make sure that everyone has best chance to recycle as much as possible.”

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