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S1jobs on progressing in sales roles

The recruitment website has given its guide on how to progress in sales

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S1jobs, a Scottish recruitment website, has created a guide for those working in sales departments and advised on how they can progress their careers:

A quick guide to career progression when working in sales

Working in sales is an aspirational career choice for lots of young professionals. No matter which industry you find yourself selling in, this role is extremely varied and fast-paced by nature, and target-driven people will generally find it aligns with their working style. On top of this, sales positions often have clear paths of progression, meaning that (providing you put in the work) you won’t feel stagnant in your career, with the next opportunity to move up the ladder never too far away.

What does the path for progression look like? 

Most people will start out as a sales representative – this entry-level position is the perfect opportunity to start building up a toolkit of professional skills. At this stage in your career, you’ll most likely be working on inbound leads, giving you the chance to start building up strong relationships with colleagues and customers alike. 

As you gain more sales experience and climb up the corporate ladder, the natural progression is into an account’s executive role. These professionals will generally be responsible for closing the deals brought to them by the sales reps. With the added responsibility, there is far greater earning potential, particularly through commissions and bonuses. If you envisage a career in management, you might look to become an account manager or a general sales manager. This is less of a hands-on role when it comes to securing physical sales, instead focusing on the management of people and relationships – both internally and externally. 

How to boost your career prospects

Unlike lots of other traditional vocations, the skills you acquire working in sales won’t pigeonhole you into one career path. You’ll pick up a range of transferable skills that’ll allow you to venture into different subsets of the sales sector. However, there are certain things you can do to further enhance your career prospects: 

Commit to ongoing training and development: Lots of the skills you hone in this role will be developed on the job. However, committing to training beyond your basic responsibilities will only benefit your professional prowess, while also making you more appealing to potential employers. You might look to specialise in a certain area of sales or undertake more generic training courses to supplement different facets of your role.

The value of networking: There’s no escaping the fact that sometimes the best professional opportunities we’re given come from knowing someone, rather than knowing something. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to meet new people and expand your professional network is a good habit to get into, and one that’ll stand you in good stead throughout your career – both when it comes to lead generation, and job opportunities. 

Be guided by your goals: Goals give our lives direction, and it’s no different in professional pursuits. Set (and regularly review) both short and long-term targets to help you chart your progression. In a sales role, these could be tangible, numbers-based objectives that directly contribute to the business or centred more around your own personal development.

Charting your career

Working in sales can be an incredibly rewarding endeavour – but it’s also a very cut-throat industry. To stay competitive in the job market, make a concerted effort to push yourself and take on new challenges that will help you to continually refine your craft. This way, you’ll be equipped to take on the next opportunity as and when it comes your way.

S1jobs has also recently given its guide on applying for jobs which are hybrid/remote roles as well as its advice for progressing your career when working remotely: https://www.s1jobs.com/resources/remote-working-guide/

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