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The print project made to last 250 years

A Kickstarter project started by two creative friends invites you to the ‘Greatest Party of All Time’ in the form of a special print, designed to last 250 years until the big date.

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The idea behind the poster is ‘Put it up. Keep it up. Pass it on.’

Described as an “exciting, bold experiment that’s never been attempted before”, 2269 is both the name of the project and the year of what is hoped to be a worldwide celebration of imagination.

The original print was conceived as a save-the-date heirloom, designed to be passed down through generations until the year 2269.

Each print comes with a ‘record of owners’ so that each ownership can be recorded through history, and will be foil-blocked on heavy, archival paper designed to stand the test of time.

Peter Dean, a designer and artist and the owner of kiteprint.com, and Michael Ogden, an award-winning creative director, are behind the idea. They worked together to create the ‘Time Traveller’s Invitation’ poster that was part of Stephen Hawking’s experiment in 2009.

… the beauty of the 2269 invitation as a gorgeously-crafted, framed print is that it will always be on display, sharing its positive message

“To propel an idea like this into the future, we knew that we simply couldn’t rely on digital media,” says Dean. “Instead, we realised that a printed item could not only survive, but actually be cherished as an heirloom.

“Also, the beauty of the 2269 invitation as a gorgeously-crafted, framed print is that it will always be on display, sharing its positive message about the future with many generations.”

Ogden adds: “The 2269 poster is an invitation to the Greatest Party of All Time, but also an invitation to think differently. Thinking far beyond our own lifetimes may not come naturally, but it helps put things into perspective because the story we tell ourselves about the future is critical to how we each view the world, and can impact how proactive we are.

“When we recognise the reality of a distant future, with billions more people to come after us, then we’ll have a better mindset to work towards leaving a healthy legacy.”

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter project had raised £8,426 of its £2,269 goal, with 24 days still left to go. Those pledging funds have the chance to receive a number of rewards, including a copy of the poster with a personalised message, depending on the amount pledged.

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