Tuesday, 25 May 2021 08:06 GMT

Micronclean sees growth with triple Beck purchase

Workwear rental and cleanroom laundry supplier Micronclean has reported a significant upturn in business since investing in three Beck Serienpacker SXJ packaging machines at the end of last year.

Purchased from Friedheim International, the Beck Serienpacker SXJs have been put to work on a range of projects during the five months they have been in place at the family-run firm.

Micronclean plant manager Andy Grist says the business has seen a huge improvement in production, with the machines reducing the amount of rework required on packaging defects, leading to significant savings on time and costs.

“The problem that we were having was that the older kit had become unreliable, and the technology was somewhat obsolete, with replacement parts being incredibly difficult to source,” Grist says.

“We found that the Beck Serienpacker SXJs were similar in design to our existing kit but were capable of far higher throughput speeds than the older machines, which, for us, was the perfect solution.

“Introducing the three new Beck machines has enabled consideration of relocating work from other areas of the business, which in turn is supporting sales growth and allowing us to benefit from further efficiency gains in existing processes.”

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