Tuesday, 10 May 2022 17:57 GMT

Helloprint details new expansion success

The Dutch-founded company has detailed its rapid expansion before preparing for new growth.

New growth saw Helloprint expand into the UK and French market thanks to its focuses on sustainability, wellbeing, and understanding the marketplace.

The firm, which prints globally across 21 countries, was founded in 2013 and is a marketplace for customised print products with a focus on reduced emissions thanks to local carriers.

Helloprint has now begun operating in 13 additional countries over the past nine years, employing 200 people, with the scope to add 50 new team members.

Chief executive officer for the company, Hans Scheffer, says: “Over the last two years we have worked tremendously hard within Helloprint to strengthen our foundation in about every field.

"The covid crisis gave us a huge push. It allowed us to work even harder and with more focus on the foundation of our marketplace model, our efficiency, and our growth strategy, meaning we are now reaping the benefits."

Scheffer says that 90% of the company’s revenue comes from recurring customers that in part comes from its high satisfaction scores.

The covid crisis gave us a huge push. It allowed us to work even harder and with more focus on the foundation of our marketplace model...

“We have a clear replicable blueprint for launching and scaling countries and categories”, says Scheffer.

“In the first phase, we test markets by minimizing localization and local production, and we test market response by solely testing the paid marketing channels. We only focus on conversion and customer journey, and we learn rapidly what works.

“If a market works, we continue to the Acceleration phase, where we ramp up marketing and fully localize offering and local production. Our French and UK markets are great examples of this phase, and after this phase, markets can become in the ‘Mature’ phase where we optimize margin and EBITDA, while still introducing new products and services.”

With its unique marketplace model, Helloprint is now looking to prepare the next phase of its growth.

With a platform of over 250 manufacturers in 20 countries all connected to international and local carriers, Helloprint hopes to overcome supply chain issues by leveraging the strength of its network.

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