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Loftware Q&A

Following label software company Loftware’s attendance at Modex 2022, David Osgar speaks to Josh Roffman, SVP of marketing and product management about the event

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Modex was held from March 28th to 31st in Atlanta Georgia

An energising opportunity

What led to Loftware attending this year’s Modex 2022 exhibition?

The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted supply chains and forced businesses to be more flexible and adaptable. Because of this, many businesses have found their legacy labelling solutions are antiquated, time-consuming, and prone to error. Loftware saw Modex as a great opportunity to engage with businesses to illustrate how a cloud labelling solution can unlock value and mitigate risk through real-time collaboration and streamlined automation. Our technologies enable companies to operate in a remote environment and manage fluid supply chains while maintaining peak efficiency.

In what way can manufacturing and supply exhibitions such as these benefit print and packaging companies?

Josh Roffman, senior vice president of Marketing and Product Management at  Loftware

These exhibitions offer us the opportunity to showcase our latest technology. By moving labelling and artwork management solutions to the cloud, organisations can improve compliance, scalability, configurability, standardisation, and reliability across the enterprise. Sharing new ideas and innovations in cloud technology helps the entire industry take a step forward. There are many technological advances that have a huge potential to benefit print and packaging companies and events like Modex offer businesses such as Loftware a platform to showcase that.

There are many technological advances that have a huge potential to benefit print and packaging companies and events like Modex offer businesses such as Loftware a platform to showcase that

What were the biggest takeaways for you and Loftware at this year’s event?

The three biggest takeaways for us were: Covid-19 has reshaped supply chains; companies must harness the benefits of technology to meet customer expectations; and today’s extended organisations need immediate and accurate labelling software.

How important are exhibitions like these for the company?

Events such as Modex are incredibly important. Not only do they offer us the ability to connect with current and potential customers and partners, but they also keep us connected with the larger industry. Seminars and keynotes by thought leaders are invaluable learning opportunities for everybody. These meetings allow us to stay in tune with supply chain trends and best practices, which in turn helps us to provide a world-class service to our customers and partners.

Loftware has hosted a variety of online events and webinars, how was it being back at a live event?

After two years of virtual trade shows, it felt great to be back at in-person events. We really value the opportunity to connect face-to-face with our customers, partners, and industry peers. It was clear to see that exhibitors and attendees were energised by the opportunity to discover the latest supply chain technologies and innovations in person.

What were some of the topics and talking points Loftware prepared for the exhibition?

The global supply chain is stretched to its limit, but an Enterprise Labelling solution is a key lever that organisations can use to increase the efficiency and resilience of their operations. The pandemic forced companies to rethink their supply chains and put cloud labelling solutions front and center. Where an organisation once may have had a single supplier in China, they now may have several in various regions, each with its own systems. By centralising their labelling solution through the Cloud, businesses can mitigate the complications involved in receiving goods from various suppliers while keeping operations streamlined. Forward-thinking companies are embracing cloud-first labelling strategies and have already seen how rapidly their efficiency has improved, all while maintaining high standards for projects spanning multiple regions and industries.

What was the response and feedback at the event?

As the largest global provider of Enterprise Labelling solutions, and having attended Modex since 2018, the industry looks to us for the latest trends and innovations. Attendees who visited our booth expressed their excitement about the benefits our cloud labeling solution offers for businesses of all sizes.  Overall, it was a tremendous event for Loftware, other exhibitors, presenters, and attendees, and we look forward to returning in the future.

How is labelling and technology changing the industry, and what should companies keep in mind?

Further spurred on by the global Covid-19 pandemic and related business shifts, such as remote employees and supply chain disruptions, the cloud has hands-down become the simplest way for companies of all sizes to design, manage, and print labels across their business and supply chain operations. However, many organisations are still leaving labelling to chance as they rely on disparate solutions to meet evolving and growing business demands. Unfortunately, this approach can result in labelling errors, inconsistencies, high maintenance costs, and non-compliance. 

We recently published a study that found mislabelling has a large financial impact on organisations that many just write off as the cost of doing business. The survey showed that small- to medium-sized businesses incurred an average cost of approximately $65,000 (£50,000) from incorrect labelling in 2020. Cloud-based labelling software is the solution that businesses need to prevent these costly errors.

The transition to this software is seamless, as it integrates directly with leading business, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and manufacturing execution system (MES) applications. Armed with the right technology, businesses can now make the quick pivots and changes that are required to prevent costly mislabelling issues and keep up with ever-evolving customer and regulatory requirements.

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