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MIS in the Print Market

Now commonplace in most print houses across the UK, Rob Fletcher asks: “Should an electronic management information system be considered vital in the modern print market?”

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Jonathan Malone-McGrew, senior director of engagement, Solimar Systems

Improve your processes

In 2022, organisations should be looking at every area of their business with an eye for improvement and risk mitigation. To reduce risk, improve efficiency and increase security, it would be hard to find another path than looking at software solutions like a print MIS and workflow platforms like that offered from Solimar Systems.
The reason is simple; any task that relies on human intervention or requires knowledge that is held by a few people in the organisation opens those crucial processes and activities up to risk. Leveraging an MIS and other workflow solutions allows you to automate, track, report, and optimise processes while also being able to reassign your labour force to more valuable tasks that cannot be consistently achieved today with technology.
The opportunity with software and technology is to not only improve your processes and productivity but to also give your employees work that is more meaningful and rewarding.

By using software, it is possible to reduce errors, increase throughput and deliver a better customer experience

By using software, it is possible to reduce errors, increase throughput and deliver a better customer experience. Organisations may also find that it allows them to innovate and strategically look at expanding into new products or markets.

While it may not be vital to everyone’s business to have an MIS or workflow software solution, organisations that evaluate and leverage these technologies will more often have a competitive advantage in the marketplaces that they serve. We recommend reaching out to the vendors in these different spaces to find out what capabilities and features they offer and how they can be implemented in your environment.

With this information, it will be possible to strategically plan improvements and obtain the highest levels of ROI (return on investment).

Meeting the needs
Trevor Cocks, managing director, Accura

Look at how the printing world has changed in the past 10 years; it is now essential that you need an MIS to keep pace with technology and continue to meet the needs of a constantly changing market.

Newer technologies like digital printing may not have been prevalent when you bought your MIS, so it was never programmed to handle this, unless it has been constantly developed and you have upgraded.

As an example, 15 years ago, printing a quote letter and posting or faxing it was the norm. Nowadays, these quotes are emailed within minutes of the enquiry coming in, and this is exactly what customers now expect of their print-service-provider.

A good MIS supplier will constantly be developing and improving their product

If you buy a TV now, often within three years it is out of date and some of the Smart apps will likely have stopped working. So, you will end up eventually having to buy another one in order to keep access to these services.

Unlike a TV, replacing an MIS is expensive, disruptive and time consuming, with not just the initial investment to think of, but other factors such as training staff and changing processes. You cannot afford for your MIS to be left behind.

A good MIS supplier will constantly be developing and improving their product, adding features and automations that even you perhaps haven’t thought of to stay ahead and to remain compatible with the newer security-patched versions of Windows.

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