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Under the Hood

AccurioPress C7100

Brian Sims looks into the seemingly endless configurations possible with the newest printer from Konica Minolta, the AccurioPress C7100

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The C7100 S11 can have up to 11 media trays to cope with the variations of production

Constrained only by your needs

Print companies regularly bring new and exciting products to the table and Konica Minolta is no exception. The company’s AccurioPress C7100 is not just a four-colour printer with finishing options, it is a full manufacturing cell combined into an office-size piece of equipment.

The machine can be configured into what seems to be an endless combination of post-press alternatives. For instance, once printed, the sheet can be folded, creased, trimmed, serrated or collated into any form of booklet or bound product.

The press can fold, crease, trim, serrate or collate sheets into any form of booklet or bound product

The machine is designed to be focused on the short-run market, but that is by no means a limitation. One of the smaller paper sizes that can be printed is A4 with paper weight from 52 to 400g/m². However, if required, the AccurioPress C7100 can print a full colour extended sheet with a length of an incredible 1,300mm long. Added to the scope of paper that can be used on the machine, there is an option to trim on all four sides of the sheet so you can get a full sheet bleed onto the finished sheet.

The AccurioPress C7100 can complete almost any post press finishing processes needed in modular form

The size of the sheet possible on the AccurioPress C7100 is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the machine, with 55 options listed in the Konica Minolta specification sheet.

Starting at the beginning

With any problem, starting at the beginning is always the best solution. So, with this in mind, what does the AccurioPress C7100 have at the front end of the machine?

Other than the feeder, the very front of the machine is in full flow prior to any tray being opened or paper loaded. The machine benefits from Konica Minolta’s AccurioPro workflow software. This is the under-pinning system that gives the AccurioPress C7100 the capacity for the numerous variations of production to be efficiently completed.

The software has influence over a number of elements including queue management, pre-flighting, and scheduling. The operator calls the file from an estimate or accepted job file and the machine will pre-set itself with paper size, weight and configuration.

Once the job has been uploaded and the colour information for the job has been processed by one of three choices of print server: Fiery (IC-319 or IC-318L), CREO, or the Konica Minolta IC-609, image controllers can all be utilised and the operator only has to load the paper into the correct tray noted by AccurioPro.

The machine can have up to 11 media trays to cope with the variations of production. In total the AccurioPress C7100 has the capacity for up to 15,150 sheets so volume even on short- run work is not an issue. Even 2,300 sheets of the 900mm extended size substrate can be loaded into the press.

Another feature is the IM-101 which will automatically gauge and recognise the substrate that is going to be used. The result of the sampling being directly input into the machine means the makeready settings are all taken care of in one go.

Toner for reduced usage

It goes without saying that colour reproduction is at the heart of any printed product. The AccurioPress C7100 has a resolution of 3,600 (equiv.) x 2,400 dpi which can give excellent colour depth and vibrancy. This quality comes with the benefit of reduced power usage and toner quantity use.

To accomplish this, Konica Minolta has released the most current version of its Simitri polymerised toner. Rather than use a toner that has been produced by more typical processes such as pulverisation, Konica Minolta toners are produced by the polymerisation of pigments and resins, products that lock together forming a small sphere.

This process of producing toner has two very distinctive advantages: reduced power use and reduced use of toner. Due to resins being used, higher temperatures are not needed prior to fusing the toner to the substrate.

This is of particular interest as the power use in the heater/fuser unit is the element of the machine demanding the highest quantity of supply by percentage.

The second upside of the Simitri toner is due to the particle size. Typically Konica Minolta suggests the polymerised capsule is 6µm in size opposed to that from a pulverised product having a size typically around 8µm. The small diameter sphere means more can be arranged on the substrate but the volume overall is reduced.

Pulling together all of the strings of the colour deployment, the AccurioPro ensures that colour matching is set and maintained. To allow this software to function to the best of its ability, the AccurioPress C7100 has an automated inspection system post print head called the IA-501. This device inspects each sheet and feeds back information on the printed substrate such as colour consistency and registration.

So what of the post print options Konica Minolta have in the long list of extras to finalise the machine? These are in truth down to what you need. The manufacturer can supply various different units for trimming the product to suit small items such as business cards or full size posters on textured substrates.

Sheet size is only one option. The configuration of the format of the product is another. For this you can add creasing and perforating units to allow for the folding or pre-forming of the product, all done inline. Punching, corner folding, and embossing kits are also available for more niche products.

With variable data available, postcards, business cards and envelopes are
all possible on the AccurioPress C7100

With variable data available, postcards, business cards and envelopes are all possible on the AccurioPress C7100.

If you require booklets or bound products, the AccurioPress C7110 can be supplied or updated with various methods of holding pages together. You can add perfect binding, wire binding or stapling to a wide range of formats and pages.

Overall the flexibility of this machine is only going to be limited to the needs of your client. The modular design of the machine allows for you to change in pace with the changing needs of the customers. The days of saying no would be behind you with a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C7100.

Brian Sims Principal Consultant, Metis Print Consultancy, www.metis-uk.eu

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