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Two Sides debunk paper myths

The director of Two Sides has spoken out over ‘not believing everything you read’ with an article dedicated to debunking common myths associated with the paper industry.

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Martyn Eustace is the director of Two Sides, an organisation promoting the sustainability of print

The first example Martyn Eustace gives is a sign that carries the myth that ‘it takes 300 litres of water to make the paper for just one Sunday newspaper’.

After talking to colleagues at paper producer UPM, Eustace finds that the figures quoted for water usage are often misleading and that it is somewhere between 2 and 10L of water that are used to make one newspaper.

He also points out that water lost as steam during the manufacturing process eventually returns as rain.

So, whatever figure you use 25 tonnes of towels, as quoted in the picture, is both meaningless and misleading

The second example Eustace gives is the false statement printed on a paper towel dispenser that such systems ‘could use 25 tons of paper towels annually and kill 220 trees. Help us save trees!’.

After talking to Roberto Berardi, chairman of the European Tissue Symposium (ETS), he revealed the fact that about 1,050,000 tonnes/year of consumer paper towels are used and about 800,000 tonnes/year of paper towels are used away from home.

Across a European population of 410 million people this is 1.95kg per capita, and even if you include all tissue and paper products of this nature only rises to about 15.5kg. In addition, the trees used to make these products are all from sustainably managed and farmed forests that plant more trees than are cut down each year.

“So, whatever figure you use 25 tonnes of towels, as quoted in the picture, is both meaningless and misleading,” says Eustace.

Power of Print Special Interview Series - Martyn Eustace, Print Power

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